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hey !! welcome 2 my new site !! its a work in progress as of rn.. i hope the mess and filler text doesnt bother u too much !!

im not certain about what i will be using this site for, but making it is super fun! if you happen to figure out who i am, or my previous site please be respectful by keeping that information to yourself! but anyways, im pretty sure this site is going to just be somewhere i'll be expressing my interests more freely, and myself - or my new persona i guess.

one of my biggest interests is true crime! i plan on talking about that some more later but my favourite case is tied between columbine, bundy and the moors murders. i try not to glorify too much, but if you dont fuck with that.. sucks for you i guess!

gore whore pride!


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my name is mei, and im 6teen!! i made this fun lil junko icon! i promise im not a weeb tho, i only really reaaallyy like drv1. anyways, im not sure what i will be doing with this site yet, but i'll figure it out soon enough. hm.. would it be strange to have a 'stan list' here..?

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